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Posh plus is one of the most sort after vapes in the world with a high performance, great tasting vaporization experience. The posh cloud pen utilizes durable batteries, an advanced heating element, and proprietary ceramic heating chamber. Posh Plus flavors are perfect for those who like their e-liquid to be both flavorful and satisfying. Our 6% nicotine salt infused juices will keep you happy while offering the same satisfaction as a higher nicotine rate.

At Posh Plus Official, we know that your vaping experience is personal and unique. But that doesn’t mean it should be break the bank. We’ve put together a collection of innovative flavored vape oils in certified pharmacy grade 6% nicotine salts, with a relaxing throat hit. At the same time, our formulas offer great vapor production and intense finishes that are satisfying to your taste buds. Also check out friendly farms carts

What do you do when life keeps you on the go? Posh Plus is the answer. Featuring a delicious assortment of fruity ices and creamy shakes, these products provide your body with energy to help keep going strong. Posh plus offers a wide variety of different flavors which will keep you amazed. Available in strawberry, water melon ice, grape ice and more.

The Posh Plus XL is a larger version of the Regular Posh Plus, with higher sides and a wider seat. The Posh Plus XL is an all-around best seller in home health care and is great for travel, the toilet, or anywhere else your family wants to sit.

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The Posh Plus XL is a disposable vaporizer that delivers unparalleled flavor and puff output. With its distinctive cylinder shape, it brings you 1500 puffs of its flavorful 4.5% nicotine salt e-liquid. This is one of the longest lasting disposables on the market today, so you’ll be in good hands no matter where your adventure takes you!. Now you can afford a real product instead of just window shopping. All you need to do is to get the Posh Plus XL Disposable for just $12.99, which is a whopping 75% off from its original price. You must be wondering how!. Also checkout alien labs, muha meds carts, mr fog. We are giving out this huge discount because we want to see more people experience the benefits of our product. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, then simply return it within 7 days for a full refund minus shipping fees.


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The Posh Plus Vape XL is the latest and greatest disposable pen from leading vape manufacturer, Posh Vapes! It’s the same compact size as the original Posh but with a wider base for easier use. These top-rated disposables are among one of the leading disposable vape brands in the US due to their sleek design, incredible flavors, and quality components. Top-selling disposable vape brand, Posh, produces the best devices in the industry. This line is the most sought after disposable line by those in the know. The Posh Plus XL features a slim design and impressive power for fast sub-ohm hits that are perfect for beginners or those who are looking for a simple, no-nonsense device.

Introducing the Posh Plus XL Disposable. This stylish, slim-sized device is ideal for anyone looking for an easy, cost effective way to vape their favorite e-juices on the go. With a large battery and impressive vapor production, the Posh Plus XL is one of posh’s most popular disposable vapes.